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New approach to golf performance

What You Will Learn:

How to get deeper satisfaction and enjoyment from your golf through a learning mindset instead of overloading yourself with endless technical instruction How to unlock your natural, consistent and most powerful swing without forcing your body into horrible (and totally) uncomfortable positions.

How to take play your best (and most consistent) golf when the pressure is on.

How to maximize your performance without needing to spend hours and hours each week on the practice fairway.

More about Cameron

Natural or Automatic Learning

It is a departure from all that technical rubbish.


Expert Golf Coach

Not every golfer can make traditional golf instruction work for them. In fact, my research suggests that only a small percentage of golfers (about 2%) can get results with what I call “traditional instruction”..

EBooks that Work

For everyone else, there needs to be a better and easier way. I call it Natural or Automatic learning and it is a departure from all that technical rubbish. If you’ve tried, but failed, with swing instructions, fixing your technique and trying to force your body into strange positions, then Automatic Golf might just be for you.

Personalized Instruction

I invite you to check out my introduction e-book into all this natural learning stuff. I reckon you’ll get a lot out of it. If you’d like notification from me when my Advanced Automatic Golf Training Program is released, then please enter your email into the box below.

Who’s this Cameron Strachan and what’s he on about?

G’day there, my name is Cameron Strachan. My first game of golf was nothing special – it was actually bloody awful. I shot 156 and took 17 hits on the first hole.

My second game was worse – shooting over 160. I had no special talent or skill for the game. But something intrigued me with golf.

The next few months were spent hitting balls in a horse paddock near my home. I’d go back and forwards, totally immersed in the game of golf. And my scores improved too. I broke 100, then 90 and before long I had shot a par round.

Some people thought I was talented and had a gift. This wasn’t the case and few knew how dedicated I was.

My success attracted the attention of the local golf scene and I won a golf scholarship soon after. This was the first time I had official golf lessons and it certainly was an eye opener for me. You see, the lessons didn’t work too well. I started to struggle and lose my game.

“From 40+ Putts Per Round to …… 29 (or less) in a Few Hours”

Look & Shoot Putting System E-book

Discover the simple secrets from the world’s best putter. The Look & Shoot System allows you to putt your best without all the complication of technical theory. Putt with more confidence, stop 3 putting and even rid yourself of the yips.

This system does not promise you that YOU will be able to duplicate this speed. But it does promise you this:

You can transform your putting in 14 days!

And it doesn’t matter how bad you think your putting is. No matter how many 3 putts you have or even if you yip and flinch, and:

putt with fear or self-doubt. Maybe you’re so anxious you have trouble taking the putter away from the ball miss all of those short putts and can feel the anger and frustration building as you move around the course find yourself overwhelmed by tension after wasting stroke after stroke still putt badly despite playing for many years, taking lots of lessons and owning many putters.

Let me repeat this fact:  14 days is the outside limit it will take you to skyrocket your putting performances with this system – or it costs you nothing!


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