The Truth About Putting


Listen up. Putting isn’t really that hard.

It’s nothing more than rolling a ball along the grass.

Please read that again…

It’s nothing more than rolling a ball along the grass.

But, and this is huge…

… much of the industry are obsessed with making things harder than they need to be.

I’m not sure if it’s the golf teachers feeling they to justify their position or it’s just the way things are.

But for way too many golfers, traditional putting advice doesn’t work too well. We get told to;


  • Fix our stroke
  • Rock our shoulders
  • Improve our putting path
  • Keep our eyes over the ball
  • Make sure our putterface alignment is spot on
  • Etc etc


And all this technical instruction can leave as a little confused.

  • we never know what we’re doing
  • we are made to feel more than a little hopeless (the golf pro doesn’t mean to do this it’s just a symptom)
  • golf isn’t overly fun because we can’t seem to get the results we want
  • the harder we try, the worse we become
  • we are always thinking and analyzing what we’re doing and this ultimately becomes very tiring (and boring)


When push comes to shove, the traditional way (the technical way) is simply too hard.

Is there a better way?

Again, I’m not writing this to put the typical golf pro in the poo. But my research suggests only around 2% of golfers can make all this technical stuff work for them.

2%. It’s a small number and sadly, many of the creators of this putting content fall into the 2%.

Simply. It can work for some, but not too many. And if you have been going around in circles, trying the latest putting theories, buying new putters but still feel awful when you pull your putter from the bag, sadly, you are most likely not inside the two percent.

And because the golf industry is built on the back of all this technical instruction, if you can’t make it work, you really have no other option.

You’re stuck. It’s like a step forward and then two or three back.

And the most frustrating thing is the harder you try and improve, the worst things can become.


More tactics

Another tip (or 10)

More theories

Another new putter (is that the 3rd putter in the last 12 months?)

But none of it works or provides a long term solution.



Because the vast majority of us don’t learn this way. The very foundation of accepted golf instruction doesn’t work (There! I said it)

The current system really has set you up for failure.

And it’s not you fault. It’s also not a time for bandaid solutions. The last thing you really need is another tip out of Golf Digest (don’t get me started)

Now is the time to reconsider the way you approach your putting game.

If this sounds like too much or too hard I understand. You probably don’t want to reinvent the way you roll the ball. I get it. You have been let down before. What I am suggesting is a proven methodology that gets away from all the technique (and fixing shit) and playing/putting in a more instinctive and easy way. 

Even if you’re putting ok right now, chances are you’re a little inconsistent and you’re only a round or two from losing the plot. And when that happens, you know you’ll be back struggling again.

And this merry-go-round of inconsistency makes golf crap. It’s so annoying. You’re made to feel hopeless despite you being successful at so many other things. Is there any wonder why golf participation numbers are struggling.