Why putting is so bloody hard.


  1. We are brainwashed into thinking it’s really hard
  2. We think our technique is really really important and we must try hard to fix it. The issue here is twofold
  3. the constant tweaking is hard work and we don’t ever get to just putt and play golf
  4. When you fail, and you will, you need to keep thinking and coming up with new tips/theories and ideas.


So it’s a vicious cycle of going around in circles. And there’s absolutely no shortage of lessons, ideas and equipment you can purchase to keep this thing going.

And that’s only the start of it. There’s a bigger problem at play…


Welcome to Shitville and Averageville


I have been online since 2004. And in that time I have spoken to tens of thousands of golfers from all over the world.

And there’s something that I find very sad.

Only a small percentage of golfers extract from golf the true enjoyment that’s on offer.


 “Golfers invest their time and energy into golf but they are not really getting any real enjoyment from the game.”


And at the risk of sounding like a broken record, this is because our learning model is all wrong. We are trying to overload our little minds with so much crap, we short-circuit.

Golf is too hard.

You can’t take the putter away from the ball because you’re too scared

You are so worried about missing, your body goes into shut down and you start yipping

It’s no wonder we can’t enjoy ourselves.

Golfers are accepting bargain basement levels of enjoyment because we are not prepared to play golf in a way that suits us! We are letting the inmates run the asylum because, well, that’s just the way it is.

So why are we scared to play in a way that suits?

I think it dates back a few hundred years. Enter the industrial revolution…

… the owners of the factories needed workers to perform mundane tasks. They didn’t want the workers to think and make decisions. They needed them to blindly follow instruction and keep pushing buttons, stacking shelves and shoveling coal. No. Questions. Asked.

All day. Every day.

Our school system is built on the same system (that’s why most of us don’t like school). And yes, many of us learn golf the same way.

But ultimately, unless you are one of the lucky 2%, golf is just too fucking hard.

  1. There’s no learning going on peeps

When your coach tells you to set your spine angle, lock your wrists and then putt with your shoulders, there’s almost no learning going on.

You’re stuck. You’re confused. Your brain is shutting down.



Because the part of your brain that is responsible for understanding language has no means to perform the motion.

We are not working optimally. We are falsely thinking that we can bypass how we learn most other things. We can’t.

This all might seem a bit deep, and not related too putting. But it is. Golf is a system and all things must be working together if you’re gunna sink that tricky 4 footer on 18 this weekend.

So the clutter stifles learning. And we’re learning machines. We are all hardwired to learn and it’s something that makes life more interesting (and fun).

Without learning, there’s conscious effort. Lot’s of it.

I ask all my clients to describe their best putting round and their worst.


Invariably they say something like this:

When I’m putting well everything feels easy and simple. And it’s like magic because the ball keeps finding the hole.

When I’m putting poorly, my mind is abuzz and I’m always working on something. My set up, my stroke, my putter position. My bloody forearm plane and spine angle! I almost never putt well this way.

Can you see it?

When we’re simplifying we give ourselves a chance to learn. We are not overloading our system. We are working how we are designed.

And golf becomes way easier and much more fun.

So the question is this, is golf instruction dead?

Not exactly.

I’m going to make a key distinction here. I’m going to replace instruction with “coaching”

Because instruction (or teaching) is old school (bit like the workers from the industrial revolution). And that might be dying…


  • quick tip instructions
  • gimmicks
  • promises of unrealistic improvements
  • just telling people what to do (but this doesn’t work because we don’t learn this way)
  • etc


Smarter golfers. Golfers who want to take control. Golfers who want more from the game than some BS theory or tip, won’t stand the mainstream ways for long.

Especially if there’s an alternative to all the mess.

Is there a catch to all this “learning” stuff (and coaching).

Yes. And it requires a level of trust that you might not be used to. You’ve got to put the trust back into your self. To trust yourself that you’re perfectly capable of learning to roll the ball along the grass.

Because remember, that’s all putting is…

If you’re able to adopt this new paradigm that I’ll show you in a jiffy, everything will change for you.

Your putting stroke will change for the better (all very naturally)

You’ll sink more putts without busting a million brain cells

You can forget about technique and all the putting theories and start enjoying yourself

Your results will continue to get better and better (because you’ll be using a learning methodology and this is more congruent with how we perform other tasks)

And golf will offer way more enjoyment and satisfaction (maybe the most important thing of all)

You can make the shift. You can fight back. You can take control of your game.

But be warned: You’ll never look at golf the same way again.