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Trying to look for a good Long Island Roofing contractor with affordable rates is like hoping to find ice in a desert. To start with, most of the roofing contractors fail to furnish any experience and testimonials etc., and those who do are just so expensive that sometimes a roof replacement can make you feel like you just took on another mortgage.

The biggest problem with American home roofing is not the quality, but the expense. It is simply too expensive to get a new roof over your heads, and restoration also demands you to break the bank. However, inexperienced contractors who always fail to deliver on the promise of quality, make the situation worst for the homeowners who only wants to put a roof over his family’s heads.

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Residential roofing
Window installation


From new home roofing to repair and restoration, we offer incredible work at affordable rates

We offer you FREE written estimates of the total cost of roofing project

We have the best customer service

We never cut corners, we only use the best roofing materials your money can buy and follow strict manufacture installation guide lines

We educate our clientele on all sorts of roof damages and procedures of restoration

We are local and reliable – in business for over 10 years

We make sure your landscape and property are well protected from all debris

We work with many banks to bring you great financing offer to save you money

We assign you a Dedicated Project Manager

We are an accredited company with highest rating in Long Island

Roof Restoration & Replacement

Equipped with the best roof repair and restoration equipment and experience, our team is ready to take over the responsibility of fixing and restoring your roof on short notice. We conduct a technical analysis of the condition of your roof to make sure that you get the maximum value for minimum cost.

Several Different Types of Roofing

Diversity is in the DNA of every American and so is the case with every American home. Having respect and appreciation for the diversity in the roofing choice, we assure that you get the exact kind of roof that is in line with your aesthetic sense. It is because of this why we work with and offer all types of roof materials including asphalt, wood, slate, clay, and metal etc.

Solar Panel Roofing

While Eagle Home Roofing is among the top-notch Long Island roofers and its services are strictly limited to our year’s old specialty: home roofing and siding, considering the new trend of solar roof panels, it now offers this service. We are partnered with the best solar panel dealing and installation companies in Long Island, and for you, we can turn your roof into a power generator.

Protection of Your Home’s Structure

The value that we offer to you and your house is unparalleled because what we do is not only repairing or replacing your roof. In doing so, we provide protection to the basic structure of your home. Unfortunately, as long as your house is exposed to elements like water and snow it is vulnerable, and what we do puts your house out of its misery.

A Home Roofing Subject to Building Safety Measures

Our roofing company in Long Island is consisted of contractors and workers who have been in this field for NUMBER years. Not only we are fully aware of the prevalent industry standards and practices, we also ensure a roof restoration and repair that is subject to building safety measures. The safety of your love one’s and your home are of paramount importance to us.

An Obvious Increase in the Lifespan of Your Roof

Replacing the curled or missing shingles, applying new granules and replacing or restoring missing parts etc. all amount to an immediate increase in the lifespan of your roof. Our roofers in Nassau, Suffolk and Long Island strive hard to provide you sturdy, reliable and durable roofing solutions. The cost that we charge per square feet is incomparable to most of the best roof contractors in these areas.

The Damages that We Fix

When it comes to roof damage, what we can mostly think of is leakage or water damage, lost shingles or vanished granules etc. However, the damages that a roof may sustain vary from area to area. Being experts of home roofing and roof repair, we know and fix damages like termites, fire, other natural damage, and rust etc.

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